Monday, April 12, 2010

Strange Road

This is (or was) an exciting site that combined the ideals of Kerouac and Jim Morrison, among others and I was very happy to get my work published on this site. It has not been updated in a very long time and I fear it is now defunct/on indefinite hiatus. Strange Road published a number of my stories. Here are the links, of which I do not have the dates that they were published at this time:

February 2009-The Reason for Living

A Strange Enough Ending


Border Crossing


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  2. Joe,

    thanks for posting this information so that we can follow your career! I read a few stories this evening and really enjoyed them. keep up the good work -- allie

  3. Okay, I must be tired becasue I keep leaving comments with typos - oh well. I was just wondering if you could include some background information on some of these posts that tell us what inspired you to write some of your stories. I would love to know -- allie